Many people hear about programming languages ​​and their popularity in the business world. There is a great trend towards learning, and the programming languages ​​are the languages ​​of the future and programming the profession of the future, and here is the question that comes to mind what language to start from? I will be with you today to answer this question. I will talk about Ruby programming language and what makes it a good choice to start with.

Ruby has a large community, and the importance of a large community is that it provides the best support to programmers, both at the source and documentation level or at the level of software libraries. It has a mature and stable society.

Ruby is popular in Web development in particular. Using the Ruby on Rails framework, the developer can begin building the site's structure, implementing its idea and seeing the results in a few commands. The Rails framework has made a quantum leap in Web concepts and applications. Has accepted other frameworks to become the cornerstone of modern web applications, so many startups, entrepreneurs and independents alike are using them to build their businesses. The RoR framework provides many tools that make Web application development systematic and easy. The Rails Framework provides several solutions that will enhance joint work between developers and provide ideas and tools for building scalable Web applications for future development.

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