Are financial and commercial transactions involving the purchase of goods, goods, and services over the Internet, in addition to marketing, supply, and demand? It includes several basic requirements: computers, the Internet and servers, programs and applications that will increase the buyer demand and increase sales. E-commerce is an interactive, interactive platform between the merchant and the consumer. A person can do everything from traditional shopping to financial and banking services such as electronic payment over the Internet.

E-commerce has several types based on the parties that are done among them:

- B2B (B2B), with electronic services and products, exchanged between them.

- Corporate and consumer e-commerce (B2C), by companies selling their services and products to the consumer directly.

- Consumer and Consumer E-commerce (C2C), whereby products and services are exchanged between consumers.

- E-commerce between consumers and companies (C2B), which is the reverse of commerce (B2C), where consumers and customers offer their services and products to companies to buy them.

E-commerce barriers and solutions
Due to the spread of e-commerce through the Internet because of its ease of access to the goods in addition to reducing the material costs, especially when renting shops and others, it was necessary to have some of the obstacles and challenges faced by them, including:

Create a convenient shopping experience with a particular thing
Consumers need to unify what they see on the ground in traditional and online stores, and matching goods, so traders can solve this problem by synchronizing goods in stores with those on the Internet to make it easier for consumers to buy.

Shipping & Tracking Shipping
Most shoppers on the Internet want to ship their goods to them, so traders should use shipping companies to deliver goods to their owners for a fee instead of shipping, and there must be notifications to alert people and help them track their cargo.

Fear of international sales
Many traders face the problem of rushing to sell their goods internationally for fear of legal consequences, so these problems are solved by traders trying to price their goods and get their own brands to follow the quality standards, which provides them with an important source of revenue.

Online commerce is plagued by fraudulent payments, and this problem is resolved by obtaining a security certificate that encrypts the payment process, as well as using a good payment processor to ensure greater security.

Loss of customer loyalty
Many companies may suffer huge losses because their customers turn to other companies because of poor customer service and better discounts. These problems are solved by providing better quality customer service, monitoring customer interaction, and using technology to care for customers.

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