137 billion dollars expected sector revenues this year

 Experts in the electronic games industry said, that the industry is developing and changing towards more growth with the control of mobile games on the scene and the adoption of new technologies such as virtual reality and enhanced reality, calling on young people and developers to focus on mobile games, which is expected to record 51% Of global industry revenues this year.
Experts estimated that the industry of electronic games of all kinds is witnessing great growth, especially "mobile games", where revenues are expected to rise to $ 137 billion this year.
With this figure, revenue from the gaming industry worldwide will grow this year by more than 25 percent, compared with last year's revenue of about $ 109 billion.
These figures include all types of online games: "Geming Mobile", "Online Geming", "Gimeng Video" and "Consul Gimeng", games provided by other devices, such as previous Xbox, "Playstation" and others.
According to international studies, the experts estimated that mobile games alone alone will account for more than 70 billion dollars, which accounts for more than 51% of the total revenue of the industry.
For comparison, the revenues of mobile games alone last year amounted to 46 billion dollars.
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, Eng. Imad Fakhouri, opened the 8th Summit of the Electronic Games Industry under the slogan "The best use of technology." The Summit of the Gaming Industry is the largest gathering of game makers, developers, youth and experts interested in this industry in Jordan and the region.
He stressed that the summit is an opportunity for participants to bridge the gap between them by exchanging knowledge and knowledge of the best ways to use technology from international specialists and finding new operational opportunities that contribute to increasing the income of developers and those interested in electronic games.
During the opening ceremony, Fakhoury addressed King Abdullah II's article entitled "Platforms of Communication or Social Controversy", in which he stressed the importance of using technology, tools and techniques in developing and reforming away from the negative, in addition to the role of technology companies in tackling them through continuous technical development.
Fakhoury presented the efforts of the King Abdullah II Development Fund in partnership with the Association of Gaming Industry Companies in Jordan to support the gaming industry to become a hub for the industry in the region.
In this context, Fakhoury referred to the Jordanian Games Laboratory, which was inaugurated by King Abdullah II in 2011 and was designed specifically to meet the needs of developers and companies in the design and programming of the games to serve as incubators for their projects and development, in addition to the establishment of seven laboratories equipped with the latest technologies in Amman, , Ma'an, Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Al-Zarqa, Karak, Al-Mubadah Club and Mu'tah University, in addition to the Mobile Games Laboratory.
"The continuation of this summit is of great importance to make Jordan a regional hub for this industry and to develop the skills of our youth," said Noor Khreis, technical partner of the gaming console, CEO of Mays Al Ward Mobile Games. On mobile games that are spreading and on technologies such as virtual reality technology.
Kharis said in a statement to Al Ghad that the summit attracted 700 young men and women from local and international companies, independent developers and those interested in this industry, which has attracted the participation of 30 developers and international and Arab gaming companies.
He pointed out the importance of taking advantage of the latest developments and trends of this industry to increase growth and to acquire the largest number of users. He pointed out that the Arab companies participating in the current summit will discuss the day feeding the possibilities of developing the Arab industry.
On the sidelines of the first day of the Games Summit, the results of the "Mobile Games Applications Challenge" were announced yesterday at its 10th session, the initiative of the Jordanian Electronic Games Laboratory, supported by the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, targeting school students in all regions of the Kingdom From 14 to 16 years old.
The final results of the challenge resulted in the victory of the Al-Quwaira secondary school for girls from the Governorate of Aqaba, the development of the Freedom game at the level of the southern region and the secondary school for boys from Jerash governorate, the development of The Historic Man game in the northern region and the Tamadr bint Amr secondary school for girls from Zarqa governorate, Nasmi and Nashmia "at the level of the central region, where will be the establishment of a mini-games laboratory value of (3500) dinars for each school winner in the first place in each province to improve and develop its information technology department.
The founder and CEO of Tomato, the Jordanian company specializing in publishing games in Arabic, Hossam Hamo Ban, said that young people and entrepreneurs who are interested in this field should learn continuously and follow the changes taking place in this sector.
He called on Hamo to focus on smart phone games because it will form the future in the industry more than other types of electronic games. He pointed out the importance and role of publishers of electronic games in Arabization and publishing games in the Arab region and in Arabic language.

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