About 1.56 billion people sign up for Facebook on a daily basis and are considered active users (March 2019), an increase of 8% year-on-year, with 66% of the active Facebook audience "DAU" , That is, there are a huge number and a large number of active Facebook users on their visits to the site and this makes them a promising audience for your marketing efforts, so let's talk seriously! Let's admit if you need to get more followers on Facebook then you need to do funded advertising, and we all know that it is inevitable.


There are 7 tips to advertise on social networks to make the most of your budget


Have you thought about starting to use ads that are funded for your business?

If you have started, it is likely that you have developed your strategy for social networking.

It may be scary at first because you'll start allocating funds from your company's budget for sponsored ads, so it's important to do it right.

In the next seven points, I'll show you how to maximize your advertising spend while maximizing your advertising spend.

1. Know the commercial goal you are trying to achieve

As with all marketing strategies, it is very difficult to achieve your goals if you do not know your goals in the first place. Understanding the commercial goal you are trying to achieve with your ads is critical to ensuring that you choose the right social network for your ad, and choose the right ad to get the results you want.

2. Know your target audience

Each social network has different audience considerations than the other, but all provide specific ad targeting. Knowing what you're trying to reach allows you to make the most of your targeting options and ensure you get the best solution for your advertising.

Developing audience figures can help you understand which audience to focus on exactly.

Tip: Divide your audience into several groups ranging from 20 to 100 groups.

3. Allow free publications to identify your ads

 You're likely to post content on multiple social networks, some of which will resonate with followers; follow any of them to be clicked, liked, shared, and commented upon. These high performing publications are the best candidates for advertising.

4. Pay for the goal that interests you: impression or interaction

 Keeping your social media budget under control means thinking about whether you're designing an ad campaign based on impressions or interaction. If you pay every time someone sees an ad, your message can reach a wide network. But if you pay for interaction, you only want people who are really interested in dealing with you. Because you do not want to pay for the interaction of people who are not interested in your business.

 Engagement and impression campaigns can be valuable for your business, so you have to choose the right type to align with your business goals so you only pay for real results.

 Tip: Draft your ad to help people decide whether to advertise to them.

5. Tailor your ads to suit smartphones

 90% of social network users browse through smartphones. This means that most social media ads are also shown on mobile devices. You should tailor your ads to fit the small screen, including images that are easy to view.

6. Test your ads to improve performance

  One of the great social advertising virtues is immediate feedback, so you can measure the effectiveness of your ad in minutes and follow advanced analytics reports. The best practice is to test multiple ads with small budgets with a small audience to determine the best results, then use the winning ad in the primary campaign.

7. Measuring results

 Measuring results will allow you to see if you've reached your goals, to see what worked and what did not work, to help you improve it.

 Measuring your results and getting concrete data about the value your ads bring to your company (purchases, orders, etc.) is an essential part of ROI. If you can prove that your ads are paying off, you'll have the budget you need to continue your work.

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