Many webmasters of different types, mobile applications and social networking pages face a problem of providing renewed content for these sites and applications, because they do not have enough time or skills to write and formulate content well and show their ideas to the recipients. Therefore, WE Group's Content Management service provides all of this to its customers through a highly skilled and multi-skilled team with technical, linguistic and public culture capabilities to deliver unique content that reflects the ideas of original website owners or applications.

Target groups

  • Companies - news sites (political - sports - social - technical, etc) personal sites
  • institutions and charities - campaigns of all kinds.

work fields

  • - websites.
  • - Mobile Applications.
  • - Social Media.

Services provided

  • - News.
  • - Reports.
  • - Graphic designs.
  • - Infographic of all kinds.
  • - Promotional videos or informatics.

The method of work

Depending on the nature of the client's work, We communicate directly with him to understand his ideas and orientations, in order to transform them into reality through his position or application, by creating readable, audible or visual content expressing these ideas and orientations.

The customer can choose part of the services offered or get the services combined.

At the beginning of the working period, the communication is at a high rate in order to reach a full understanding of the nature of work and directions, and then gradually reduce this communication after the idea and understanding of all aspects of work.

From time to time, the Customer may direct and request certain materials, reports or the like in a new manner.

Modifications are made from time to time to the way in which the work is performed, in order to maintain the attention of  the recipients through continuous renewal of the nature of the content submitted.


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